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Goodbye Newgrounds

Posted by sadlersongs - August 1st, 2010

This site sucks. I can't delete my account, it's full of people who give your pieces bad reviews just to keep their own songs on top, and I waste too much time here. Goodbye forever.




Aw, man. I was going to message you soon to ask about using your music for some stuff, too. (A campaign pack for the FreeSpace 2 Open Source Project.) Not that my work would be any credit to your music.

If you still check comments, will you send me a message or something and let me know if there's still a way to get into contact with you?

Aw,your music is brilliant,it's a massive shame to know there won't be anymore posted here but Newgrounds does indeed suck.

Bull shit. All of your pieces are above 4 stars, and they're fantastic.

Wow that's a shame. I absolutely loved your music. I listened to it all the time. Please put your songs on itunes or something or on a different website. i would still love to be able to hear your new stuff. well c ya keep up the awesome work!

don't leave... i love your work! i'll vote 5 everyday.

I know you're not on newgrounds anymore, but I'm just letting you know that I'm going to try to use your song Evil Waltz in coordination with an animation of mine as an intro for the Carmel Art and Film Festival this month. I will be crediting you in the animation, and last I checked I'm not making money off of this (though if I magically do, you're quite free to a share of it if you so choose). I just wanted to inform you before I went ahead and did it. I'll put it up on newgrounds if I complete it.

P.S. I fucking love your music. Not just love, FUCKING love.


i couldnt help but notice the great dynamic and articulation of your compositions, which are great. are you by any chance using eastwest?

You are one of the most talented musicians I have ever seen on newgrounds, and I am very excited to use your music in my upcoming Pico Day flash. Please reconsider, and hopefully hearing your music in my animation will cheer you up? Not to mention that if I win any prize money (which I have in the past), that I would give you a cut of the money.


I have been listening your songs a long way here and finally that I found what i needed, you are going to leave here (or maybe you have already done this)!
Man! Seriously! I need your contact if you exit this website, please, I'd love to put one of your songs inside one of my movies, but I need your permission first!
I would love to put the song space hero inside one of my projects, it fits perfectly!
And I will give you credits.
<strong>Please, answer me!!!</strong>

Well, I can totally relate with you! It really does suck when some people are just here to bash us. My pieces get voted 0 all the time, but most of the reviews are 8+ and usually 10. If Newgrounds showed a list of user's name beside their votes, then I think people would be less prone to bash unless the piece was awfully horrible. Also, they should only make it where each user can only vote 1 time on any 1 submission and also be able to change their 1 vote on that submission anytime. Maybe Newgrounds is just too lazy or busy with other things that they really don't have time (or can careless) about fixing the flaw in the voting system. It's apparently making submitters feel bad while trashers continue trashing submissions. Oh well, it's not my site. If you want to submit your stuff to a more constructive site, try <a href="http://fwunk.com">http://fwunk.com</a>. Hope to see & hear more of your works! You definitely have awesome talent and it shows in your music!


You have astonishing music. Really playfull, epic and skillfull stuff :)
From what I see you have got pretty much all 4-5/5 rankings....and very well deserved! If anyone votes 0 they clearly have no taste, and are not having much effect on your ranking anyway. (certainly wont help their own stuff no mater what they think).

Other then that I echo Rubauliant 's comments....I'd love to use your work and contact you first!

Good. I'll make it a point not to use any of your top-notch tracks in any cartoons or games. Just suck it up 'cause I don't give a fuck. I have little patience for Newgrounds' bullshit artistry too, but I have no patience for sensitive egos.

im sorry you fell that way.

it reminds me of this woman i once knew...

she wanted validation for her great dick sucking skills.

if i havent told her to stop, she shouldnt be stopping

besides. it is her sucking it, and not her friends.

keep up the GREAT WORK.
dont forget to SWALLOW.


[im sure you dont feel the same way you did when you posted this.
because NOBODY will feature you like newgrounds. NOBODY.]

What a baby. Of all your songs I see two negative comments and tons of positive ones. Your sensitive ego clearly can't handle music so start making music for five year old kids, who don't know their insults yet. Pathetic. Also you never gave credit to many of the artists from whom you stole songs from and published here.

Too bad you left... you are a really good musician man.

Hopefully we can collaborate some day.